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Cancer Awareness Program (Arts & Humanity)

15th May 2015 - Cancer Resource & Education Center (CaRE), UPM together with students of BBX3415 (Minor in Arts Performing) has been organized cancer awareness program. The objectives of this program was to promote CaRE services and give an awareness about cancer to the participants. The program also aim to educate participants about cancer prevention, treatment and healthy lifestyle practices that can prevent cancer. Main activities on the day was theater monologue presented by students of BBX3415 (Minor in Arts Performing). The other activities during the program was exhibition of cancer education materials produced by CaRE, demonstration of breast self-examination (BSE) and also sharing session with the cancer survivors. Program of the day begin with speech by program coordinator and head of department from Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, University Putra Malaysia.

Program Coordinator, Dr. Fazilah Husin

Head of Department Bahasa Melayu, Dr. Norazlina Hj Kiran Husin

Theater monologue presented by students of BBX3415 (Minor in Arts Performing)

Actor and actress of the theater monologue : Cancer Awareness

Sharing session with the cancer survivors after program

Overall, this program brought a very good and informative performance. Participants can increase their knowledge about early detection for breast cancer, do the breast cancer screening using Electro Impedance Tomography (EIT) and get the information about Cancer Resource and Education Center (CaRE). The students effort should be highly praised and supported because through this method we can approach youth and create awareness among them.

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