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Early Cancer Detection Package

Cancer Resource and Education Centre (CaRE), Universiti Putra Malaysia always committed in promoting the importance of early cancer screening to raise public awareness. Some cancer can be found early, before they had chance to grow and spread. The cancer diseases detected at early stage may increase the person’s chance to full recovery.

In accordance with this effort, our centre (CaRE UPM) has introduced ‘Early Cancer Detection Service’ using ultrasound machine. This service should be done regularly and is the one of best medium for detecting cancer in early stage apart from certain self-exams. 

These are details about the service:

Day Wednesday
Venue Cancer Resource and Education Centre, UPM
Specialist Prof. Datin Dr. Rozi Mahmud
Pakar Radiologi & Pengarah PPDN


Please come and screen your body at our centre to help protect yourself and your loved ones. As a reminder, you can use your birth date as an alarm to remind you to do medical check-ups and screen your body.

Call us to make an appointment and if you have any inquiries you may contact us at 03-8947 1011 / 03-8947 2787 or email to care.upm.edu@gmail.com




Updated:: 08/04/2019 [aimerul]