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Workshop on English Language (Session 1) at Limpahan Kasih Charity Home (RALK),

26th May 2015 – Cancer Resource & Education Center (CaRE) has been held English Language Workshop session 1 under Insaniah program – Healthy (Sihat), Prosperous (Sejahtera) and Successful (Berjaya) which is also known as SSB program. The workshop held at Education Center of RALK, Puchong, Malaysia from 10.00 am until 1.00 pm. Three (3) undergraduate students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) which is Mr. Othman bin Abdul Kareem, Ms Hairunnisa Zasenawi and Ms Razalina Ismail has been appointed to be a facilitator for this program. Input and education materials for this program were supervised under Dr. Habsah Hussin, lecturer Faculty of Educational Studies UPM. About 50 students from RALK participate in this session which contain module as Simple knowledge about English Test, Body Parts, Present Tense (Habitual Activities) and Simple Verb to Be.

Ms Razalina use interactive educational method and easier for students to understand

Students were doing crossword puzzles entitled Body Parts

Students focusing on the topic taught by Mr Othman

English Language Workshop is a special project under the funds of Universiti Putra Malaysia to plan and perform knowledge transfer and development from university to the target groups in the community. Under this project, there were four (4) main objectives aims to increase knowledge and skills in health education and entrepreneurship. English Language Workshop was the sub-project to increase English language among students of RALK.

Next, three (3) more session of this workshop will be carried out based on schedule and interactive education to achieve objective knowledge transfer to the RALK students.

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