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Director's Message


Welcome to our CaRE website.

Thank you Allah for His blessings, Cancer Resource & Education Center (CaRE), is still able to provide services to the public especially cancer patients. CaRE or formerly known as CaEd began operating in 2003 and until this year, came to an end a decade of our age.

CaRE UPM has been institutionalized under the auspices of the Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry & Community Relations) on August 15, 2011. CaRE is responsible for delivering information, education and support for cancer to cancer patients / survivors, caregivers, physicians & nurses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and support groups, researchers, students and the public. Information, education and cancer support provided by CaRE are channeled through:

  1. Educational materials such as books, pamphlets and fact sheets
  2. Education, awareness and support
  3. Support services such as peer support, ward visits, resource centers, etc.
  4. Cancer Toll-Free Line- KanHelpLine (1-800-22-2233)
  5. Counseling
  6. Internet (KanPortal, CaRE UPM’s Blog and CaRE UPM’s Facebook)

I hope the information provided on this website will be beneficial to everyone who is related to cancer. CaRE also conducts research related to the role of cancer support. Results of this research will be shared to the public from time to time. For more information about our services, please call 1-800-22-2233.

Updated:: 01/02/2017 [ctfarhanah]